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Without media queries, the modern web simply wouldn’t work. However, there are ways to create responsive layouts without media queries. This month, the team at net asked Vasilis van Gemert to walk through some of the alternative techniques you can use to build the perfect layout.

Discover how to create awesome layouts without turning to media queries

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Last month we hosted our 16th annual net awards, and in recognition of the incredible talent we saw on the night the magazine has features from some of our winners. That includes a profile on New Agency of the Year Anton & Irene, interview with Young Developer of the Year Julia Wallin, column discussing how to promote women in tech with the co-founder of Grassroots Event of the Year Ladies that UX, and a guide to designing icons with App of the Year Sketch.

Learn how to create a set of icons in App of the Year Sketch

Elsewhere in the issue, Adam DuVander runs down 15 essential APIs that will help you tackle the most common developer problems. Plus, in the Projects section, experts show you how to build a data dashboard with AngularJS, walk through how to build flexible layouts with Sass extensions Susy and Breakpoint, and explain why a free WordPress theme option might be the way forward.

Find out the 15 APIs that will make your dev life easier

David Wieland argues the case against 'fast food' design

Three designers go head to head to mock up a great car rental site

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