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Show off your coding skills at Mozilla's Dev Derby

Upcoming challenges: Touch events and History API

Upcoming challenges: Touch events and History API

Mozilla has launched a series of monthly coding challenges called the Dev Derby with the aim of getting people to create demos showcasing the power of open web technologies. Prizes are involved.

This month's challenge is on HTML5 <video>, and next month's is on the History API. Entries will be judged by a panel of experts including Lea Verou, Ethan Marcotte and Divya Manian. Judges will be looking for demos that do a good job of showing off the technology, as well as good visual design, originality and usefulness in enhancing the web. They might also take into account how popular it is with the community, so make sure you publicise your entry and get people to vote for you.

There are three prizes: an Android phone for the winner, a Rickshaw laptop bag for second place and a limited-edition Mozilla Developer Network for third.

June's challenge was on CSS Animations, and you can see the entries over at the Demo Studio.