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Win a Macbook Air in dev contest

WebSockets service Pusher has prizes to be won

WebSockets service Pusher has prizes to be won

If you’ve been using Pusher, a hosted service for WebSockets that integrates with your own website infrastructure, you could win a prize just for talking about it.

The company is offering developers a chance to win an 11in Macbook Air and a ticket to the Keeping it Realtime conference.

All entries will receive a Pusher T-shirt with a funky new design.

Pusher, which we covered in .net issue 217 (see page 96), aims to improve the user experience and engagement of applications by making them realtime, using its hosted API.

The company wants to hear about how you’ve used its service on an existing app. The entry that demonstrates the most innovative use of Pusher, combined with the biggest impact on the user experience, will win.

The deadline is 12midnight GMT on Sunday 16th Oct (EST, PST). Full entry details can be found at