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WordPress 3.2 released

A new randomise feature uses your photos as headers

A new randomise feature uses your photos as headers

WordPress 3.2, "Gershwin", arrives just four months after version 3.1, which has been downloaded 15million times as of yesterday. It is the 15th major WordPress update.

We're told that "like George Gershwin, 3.2 lets you take familiar elements and weave them into something unique."

In practical terms, this translates to over 400 improvements and a fancy new interface. In a bid to provide a more pleasant environment for creativity to take place, a special full-screen writing mode has been added. Controls are hidden until you mouse over them, leaving you with a blank screen upon which to compose your masterworks.

There's a new "Twenty Eleven" default theme, and the redesigned dashboard makes it easy to tweak the layout to your liking. The new version produces responsive designs, which automatically adapt according to the screen being used to view them, so your work will look good on a desktop system, a tablet or a phone, with no extra effort required from you.

New WordPress is optimised for speed, and a lot of streamlining has been achieved by dropping support for IE6 and bringing in a minimum requirement of PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.

There's information on the official announcement from WordPress.