7 essential tools for today's web designer

Every web designer needs the right collection of tools in their creative arsenal to help create the site they want. Everyone has their favourites, but there are always new tools appearing that have something to offer. 

Here you can find a selection of web design tools to help you create the perfect colour palette, add drag and drop functionality, quickly create a static site, create a logo in double-quick time and check for broken links and duplicate titles.

01. Duotone

Create duotones quickly

Create duotones quickly

Need to create complementary duotones in double-quick time? Then this tool is the ideal option for the job. All you need to do is upload an image, choose two colours (or pick from the preset options) and download the finished result. Simple.

02. CSS Gradient

Find the code for the perfect CSS gradient

Find the code for the perfect CSS gradient

Need the code for the perfect CSS gradient? Check out this tool for the answer. There is the option to specify the size, colour, type and angle. Once you've picked the gradient you want, all you need to do is copy the generated code into your stylesheet.

03. GatsbyJS

Gatsby lets you build static sites fast

Gatsby lets you build static sites fast

Gatsby is a super-fast static site generator for React. So what does it have to offer? A static PWA (Progressive Web App) generator, it builds sites fast using the power of the latest web technologies – React, webpack, modern JavaScript and CSS, and more. And it enables you to pull in data from a host of sources using GraphQL.

04. Pigment


Create complementary colour palettes

This tool allows you to explore colour combinations via the use of pigment and lighting. By default, a grid of colour combos are displayed with the option to tweak and view side-by-side fullscreen. Once the colour options are complete, copy the HEX codes into your stylesheets.

05. Logomaster

Create a logo quickly

Create a logo quickly

Need a logo fast? Then this neat tool is a quick option for getting a business card built in minutes. Of course, ideally you'd get a professional to do the job – but if you're in a major hurry, this might just do the trick. 

Kick off by adding your company name and hitting the Try Me button. Then it’s a quick step process of selecting a category, logo style, colour, slogan and fine-tuning to get the final result. When finished save for further editing or buy to keep.

06. Dragon Drop

Dragon Drop reorder plugin

Create accessible drag-and-drop lists

Dragon Drop (there is a clue in the name) is a drag-and-drop list reorder plugin. It offers straightforward reordering of list items plus a few more complex options. Reorder your schedules and quickly reorder nested lists.

07. Checkbot

This extension checks your site's functionality

This extension checks your site's functionality

Checkbot is a browser extension that checks for broken links, duplicate titles, redirect chains, invalid HTML/JS/CSS and more. Plus, it can boost your SEO.

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Steven Jenkins is a freelance content creator who has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years. The web and design are in his blood. He started out as a web designer before becoming the editor of Web Designer magazine and later net magazine. Loud guitars, AFC Bournemouth, Photoshop, CSS, and trying to save the world take up the rest of this time.