If you're looking for a new iPad, we suggest this excellent deal

The 2021, 9 Gen iPad with a tag that says 'great price'.
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Update: this deal is even better than when we first reported. It's now down a further $10, reduced from $329 to just $269 over at Amazon

I'm not currently looking for a brand new iPad, but if I was, this is hands down the deal I'd choose. The 2021, 9th Gen, 64G, 10.2-inch iPad is reduced from $329 to $269 at Amazon. This is the entry level iPad, which we described as 'the perfect iPad for the most number of people' when we reviewed it on release. Sure, if you're a pro video editor, you'll want an iPad Pro with Apple silicone, but if you're not doing anything that demanding, there's really no need to pay more than this for a tablet.

Apple iPad (2021, 9 Gen, 10.2-inch)
Was: $329.99

Apple iPad (2021, 9 Gen, 10.2-inch)
Now: $279 at Amazon

Overview: It's not quite the lowest price we've ever seen for the 10.2-inch 2021 iPad, but it is close, and it's the best we can find at the moment. The more recent 10th Gen 2022 iPad got quite a price bump, so this was already by far the cheapest iPad around. 

Key features: At 487g for this Wi-Fi only model, this iPad is no heavy burden, and is a light and portable tablet to handle. It's A13 bionic chip with 3GB RAM makes it a speedy companion for all your online streaming and mobile gaming. However, we really love the 10.2-inch IPS LCD display that boast 2160x1620 resolution. That's pretty! 

Price history: The lowest that we've seen for the 2021, 9 Gen iPad was $249.99 back in March of this year. We think that was part of the Amazon Spring Sale, and the deal didn't last long. Since then, the price has been hanging between $290 and $300, so this dip to $279 is a decent little saving. 

Price comparison: $329 at Best Buy | $319 at B&H Photo

Reviews: When the 9 Gen iPad came out in 2021, it got solid 4/5 star reviews across the board, with our sister title What HiFi giving it a full 5 stars. For many it was seen as the benchmark for your all-rounder tablet, perfect for streaming, light digital sketching, and media play and games. It's a solid, beautiful bit of kit, and we loved its 'gorgeous screen and clever new front camera for video calls'. 

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