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These are the best iPad deals for 2022

Best iPad deals
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The best iPad deals

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There are two ways to find out all the best iPad deals is patience. The first is to scour the internet, bookmark a dozen pages and keep an eagle-eye out for any price reductions. The second - and more sane - way is to bookmark this page! We've done all that hard work for you in finding the best iPad deals around, and put them all here for you. 

A good time to buy is when a new model has just been announced, as this often leads to discounts on previous generations of iPad. For instance, Apple launched the latest version of the iPad Pro with the super-fast M1 chip, and this started to lead to price reductions on older models. If you have to have the latest version, then you've come at the right time, as Christmas time is a pretty good time to bag a discounted iPad. 

There are a few varieties of iPad, including the powerful iPad Pro, the lightweight iPad Air, the diminutive iPad Mini and the standard vanilla iPad, and multiple versions of each type have been released over the past few years. All of them offer a compelling proposition for digital creatives, so if you'd like some help choosing, click to jump to our section on which model should you buy. We've included all here, and given some details on what to expect from each model.

If you already have an idea which type and model of iPad you want, you can use the quick links to jump straight to the section of your choice. If not, scroll on to see the latest information and deals on all the iPads currently available, from the recent 2021 iPad Pro (M1) to older models that can still be picked up for a great price. 

Want more savings? We've also got a hub for the best Apple deals? And if you're shopping for iPad accessories, don't miss our guides to the best Apple keyboards and the best iPad stands.

The best iPad deals available right now

Best iPad Pro (M1, 2021) deals

best ipad deals: ipad pro 2021

(Image credit: Apple)

The most powerful iPad you can get right now, the 2021 iPad Pro is the best iPad for creatives for two key reasons. First, the inclusion of Apple's powerful in-house M1 processing chip, which gives it the kind of computing power previously reserved for Macs. Second, the 12.9-inch LED-powered XDR display, which delivers levels of colour accuracy, brightness and contrast that are unprecedented for an iPad. You also get improved control of local dimming, giving greater nuance and depth to darker areas of a screen. 

It's an extremely powerful iPad, to an extent that most users probably won't need. However, many popular apps have already been reconfigured to work with the M1 architecture, meaning if you do need this kind of power, the 2021 iPad Pro will deliver it all and more. We get into it in more depth in our full iPad 12.9ins (M1, 2021) review. Suffice to say, if you need the best iPad available, this is it. 

Best iPad Pro (2020) deals

Best iPad deals: iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)

(Image credit: Apple)

The 2020 iPad Pro was a pretty minor upgrade compared to 2019, leaving the runway relatively clear for the serious jump that was 2021's M1-powered version. With a gorgeous, 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display, it's a pleasure to use for pretty much anything, and the A127 Bionic processor with an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU ensures that operation is whip-smart.

At the back, there are dual cameras – a 10MP ultra-wide camera that complements the standard 12MP wide camera – as well as the LiDAR scanner.  The battery life is improved over previous iPads, and having Apple's Magic Keyboard is a very welcome touch. Hugely versatile, and powerful enough to function as a tablet or laptop, this is a fantastic iPad by any standards you care to name. 

Best iPad Pro (2018) deals

Best iPad deals: iPad Pro 2018

If you need an iPad Pro but can't meet the eye-watering prices of the latest models, then the smaller of the two 2018 iPad Pro models is worth checking out. It's not exactly, y'know, cheap, but it's still much more affordable than recent iPad Pros, and is a sublime tablet in its own right.

You get second-generation Pencil 2 support, edge-to-edge design, and a USB-C connection that supports peripherals like external displays. It's powered by an A12X Bionic processor, and enjoys super-fast performance because of it. Brilliant for graphic design and other creative tasks, this 11-inch tablet will more than get the job done for all but the most intensive creative tasks.

The Pencil clips to the side magnetically and recharges wirelessly off the iPad battery. If you want to go more in depth, check out our iPad Pro 11-inch review

Best iPad Air (2020) deals

Best iPad deals: iPad Air (2020)

(Image credit: Apple)

The 2020 version of the iPad Air is the perfect midpoint between the Air and the Pro. And coming with an A14 Bionic with Neural Engine, a 12MP rear camera (7MP front), and a UBB-C port, it will be perfect for many creatives' needs. What Apple has done here is provide an iPad Air with many of the screen and CPU specs of the Pro, but keeping the other features down to keep the price down. For example, the 2020 iPad Air does not have face recognition, and the screen itself is 10.9-inches. 

However, with deal prices dipping to around the $540/£540 mark already (this is the 2020 model, remember), this model is really excellent value for money. 


Best iPad Air (2019) deals

Best iPad deals: Apple iPad Air (2019)

The perfect combination of power and portability, the 2019 iPad Air has been resurrected to become Apple’s most balanced digital canvas. It doesn't compromise on performance or push the boundaries of price, making it a very attractive new option. 

It’s a brilliantly sized tablet for drawing and photo editing, thanks to its bright and colourful laminated screen. We just wish it used an easier-to-wield second-gen Apple Pencil. 

Best iPad Mini (2019) deals

Best iPad deals: Product shot of iPad Mini (2019)

(Image credit: Apple)

If information serves us correctly, the last time Apple paid its iPad Mini version any proper attention was back in 2015, so it was well overdue an update. Thankfully that came earlier this year, and Apple didn't hold back. 

Deceptively powerful for its size, thanks to its iPhone XS-class chipset, the Mini comes equipped with a bright 7.9-inch display. The most notable update for the design community is the Mini's added support for the first Gen Apple Pencil. Small, highly portable and super-easy to instantly scribble notes and sketches makes this another option for designer's to throw into the mix.

Best iPad (2020) deals

The best iPad deals: iPad (2020)

(Image credit: Apple)

You'd think with all the Pros, Airs and Minis flying about, Apple would have phased the original iPad out. Well, if it's not broke, don't fix it – just add to its features, make it faster and lighter and keep its low price low! 

The 2020 iteration of the iPad is the 8th generation of the tablet, and comes with the same price tag as the previous year's model, but with a processor that's around 45% faster (thanks to its A12 Bionic with Neural Engine). Add to that a decent 2160 x 1620 pixels resolution, and this classic iPad remains the one to get if it's browsing and streaming on the fly that you're looking for. 

Best iPad (2019) deals

Best iPad deals: iPad 10.2 (2019)

(Image credit: Apple)

September 2019 saw Apple's most affordable iPad being treated to a few updates, while keeping the core appeal of the best-seller intact. This iPad delivers a bigger screen (but still looks great as Apple also ramped up the LCD's resolution to keep the same pixel density as before), and is a touch speedier, with more RAM under the hood, compared to the 2018 version.

This iteration is also compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard Cover, making it the cheapest iPad with Smart Connector. All and all, it's the perfect entry-level iPad for all your media viewing, mobile gaming, drawing and sketching needs, and still one of the best allrounder tablets out there. 

The best iPad deals: Which model should you buy?

One of the biggest years for the iPad was in 2018, when the iPad Pro had a complete redesign, ditching the Home button completely and drastically shrinking the bezels around the sides. The 2018 model of the iPad Pro also gained a USB-C port in place of the old Lightning connector, which made it much more versatile, and meant it can be hooked up to external displays. There was also a brand new version of Apple’s Pencil stylus to go with it.

The regular more affordable iPad also had an update that makes it seriously brilliant for graphic designers. It also supports the Apple Pencil, bringing the wide range of stylus-driven iPad graphical and illustration apps to a much wider audience, including the forthcoming update to Adobe Photoshop, which is shaping up to be a potential tablet-sized replacement for the desktop version. If it's a stylus you're after, check out our roundup of the best iPad styluses.

While 2018 was a revolutionary year for the iPad, 2019 saw Apple refine its iPad lineup, launching a new iPad Air and iPad Mini, both of which support the (first gen) Apple Pencil. Since then Apple's upped the performance and displays of successive models, culminating in the 2021 M1-chipped iPad Pro, which offers more power than most people would need at the moment.

Whether you're considering the most powerful iPad Pro, or if the regular iPad will be sufficient for you, you’ll find the iPad is a brilliant tool for graphic design. If you're in the market for more creative hardware generally, don't miss the following articles: Best cheap laptop deals, best monitors for creatives, the best Wacom tablet deals, and smartphone deals for designers.

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