3 Apple rumours that never came true in 2022

The Apple rumour mill is in perpetual motion, something we're very grateful here at Creative Bloq. We love imagining what could be next for the tech powerhouse, and our readers are pretty into the speculative articles, too. Anything seems possible when discussing the next iteration of Apple's various line-ups, which is why even the wildest rumours are never off the table.

However, we are often left disappointed. There's no way every hot rumour could come true – just imagine what the modified MacBook would look like if it included every single whisper you'd ever heard. This year, there were three Apple rumours in particular we grew quite attached to but, alas, didn't come to fruition. So, strap in as we venture out on a journey of 'what-if' (and check out the best Apple deals when you're done).

Wireless charging for iPad


You would have needed a bigger mat (Image credit: Getty Images)

As soon as we knew Apple was about to release a new line-up of iPads in 2022, the rumours started flying. And the most baffling tidbit came courtesy of Apple leaker Mark Gurman. 

Gurman told tales of a significant redesign for the 2022 iPad, with new features including a glass back, magsafe support and wireless charging. Wireless charging. For an iPad. Along with most of Twitter, we couldn't believe it then, and we're not surprised it didn't happen. 

Though none of this came true (the series of iPad redesigns were much more subtle), it would be cool to see a total shake-up of the iPad design. But combine a glass back with wobbly wireless charging and you've got trouble, right?

Pill and Hole notch

iPhone 14 render

The Pill and Hole concept (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

Ah, the notch. The bane of the smartphone designer's life, the notch is widely hated by those who like things to... well, look good. And the word on the street before the iPhone 14 launch was that Apple was going to significantly redesign the notch. 

Originally, the rumour went that the notch would take on a new shape, that of a 'pill' (a long blob, in the shape of a pill) with a hole alongside it – like a sideways exclamation mark (see concept above). But Apple leaker Mark Gurman (again) stated that the notch would actually be one long pill, with the camera lens inside it because the separation would look weird in use. 

What actually happened was the Dynamic Island, which wasn't too far off Gurman's prophecy. A long pill-shaped cutout that changes shape to display notifications and the like, the Dynamic Island takes the purpose of the notch one step further. We deemed it an intriguing innovation, but not everyone agreed, with many users still asking why they couldn't just remove the notch altogether. And so, the notch debate continues on into eternity.

VR headset

Apple VR headset render

(Image credit: Ian Zelbo/Future owns)

Apple's foray into VR is much-anticipated, and we keep edging closer to reality with every juicy nugget of information. In the first half of 2022, we thought we'd nailed it when the rumours indicated it would be confirmed this year. But as the year tiptoed on with no announcement, we started to lose faith. 

However, the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sent a tweet in November, stating that the headset will be announced in January of 2023, so there's still hope that the VR headset won't stay in virtual reality forever. Mark Gurman (for the third time) even gave more details in his newsletter, stating that Apple is currently working on three headsets using the codenames "N301," "N602," and "N421." 

Apparently, the first will be brought to market with the name Apple Reality Pro and will be a "high-end rival" to Meta's forthcoming Quest Pro. Following that will come a cheaper device, the N602. Finally, there will be some Apple augmented reality glasses (N421) in the future sometime.

We'll just keep on hanging on, then.

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