Apple’s 2022 iPad Pro might get the feature nobody asked for

iPad Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

We've heard plenty of rumours about the upcoming iPad lineup, from seriously massive storage to seriously massive displays (do we need a 16-inch iPad – seriously?). But perhaps the most baffling tidbit yet has just dropped, courtesy of seasoned Apple leaker Mark Gurman.

Gurman claims that the 2022 iPad Pro will feature a "significant redesign" which could involve a glass back and MagSafe support. And wireless charging. If you're anything like us, the thought of wirelessly charging a giant tablet will beg two questions: how, and why? (In the market for a new iPad? Check out the best iPad Pro deals, and the best iPad mini prices available now.)

iPad Pro

Good luck wirelessly charging this thing (Image credit: Adobe)

Gurman gives little in the way of details about the upcoming device, simply claiming that next year we'll see, "A new iPad Pro design with wireless charging, plus updates to the iPad Air and entry-level iPad." As for how the wireless charging will work, we've no idea – but let's just say, none of the best wireless chargers we've seen are likely to accommodate the rectangular slab that is the iPad Pro. 

If a new, larger pad is needed, good look finding a space for it on your desk. And if it comes from Apple itself, prepare to part with plenty of cold, hard cash. Hey, maybe that rumoured AirPower comeback will be five times the size of the original, cancelled design? 

And then there's the question of speed. Wireless charging is notoriously slow compared with standard charging over USB-C – and although that's not such an issue for the smaller battery inside an iPhone for example, it'll be a different story with the iPad Pro. We'd be surprised if an iPad could fully wirelessly charge overnight, which could defeat the point entirely. And if that 16-inch iPad Pro rumour is true, the battery will be even bigger. 


You're gonna need a bigger mat (Image credit: Getty Images)

Needless to say, Apple fans are as baffled by the news as we are. "Now I’m just imagining a desk mat charger designed for iPads, LOL," one Redditor comments," while another adds, "That’s going to be pretty wobbly on a charger." Over on Twitter, one user exclaims, "Why the hell do we need wireless charging on an iPad? It makes sense for a phone to be able to just drop it on a mat or whatever but an iPad?!"

As with all Apple leaks, it's entirely possible that this one will turn out to be way off the mark. But unlike all those awesome iPhone 14 rumours, this is one feature we wouldn't be too sorry to lose. If you're content with a tablet that doesn't require a 50 meter squared mat for charging, check out today's best iPad deals below. 

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