These are the best iPad mini prices in February 2024

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The best iPad mini prices can save you some dollars on Apple's most compact and portable tablet. It hasn't had an update for a while, so there is no 'iPad mini 2022' model, or a 2023 edition yet for that matter. But the 6th-generation (2021) model is still an ideal tablet for creatives who want to work on the go. 

The latest generation adds Apple Pencil 2 support for sketching and note-taking on the move, and can be used as a great option for watching media and general social browsing. The other good news is that the iPad mini isn't as expensive as the big iPad Pros, and neither is the previous iPad mini 5th-generation (2019) model. It costs a bit more than the standard 10.2-inch iPad, though, so it's still worth looking for the best iPad mini prices to try to save some money. 

We've pulled in the best prices on these iPad mini generations (the only two currently available). But if you're looking for more savings, see our guide to the best iPad Pro deals, and the best iPad Air prices around. We also have a full list of the current iPad generations to help you navigate model numbers, and our guide to the best Apple keyboards and the best iPad stands can help you work more efficiently. 

The best iPad mini prices available now

The best iPad mini prices in 2022

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iPad Mini (2021, 6th generation)

The best iPad for drawing on the move

Stylus support: Apple Pencil 2 | Screen size: 8.3 inch | Resolution: 1488 x 2266 pixels | Weight: 293-297g | Dimensions: 195.4 x 134.8 x 6.3 mm | OS: iPadOS 15 | CPU: A15 Bionic | Storage: 64/256GB | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 12MP

Very portable
Lovely screen
Good battery life
Not as powerful as the iPad Air or iPad Pro

The most recent iPad mini was released in September 2021. It boasts an extremely powerful A15 Bionic chip, Apple Pencil 2 compatibility, plus pocket-sized portability, and USB-C port connectivity. It's a super iPad for creativity on the move, and all for under $500/£500. The screen measures 8.3-inches, and is now closer to a 3:2 ratio than the previous model's 4:3. This means the extra width makes the most of the smaller size of the screen, offering smaller postbox bars when watching shows.

 When it comes to price, the 2021 model with 64GB storage retails at $499 / £569, which is $100 / £170 more expensive than the previous version on launch. We have already seen some decent deals on the device, with Amazon US shaving off up to $40, but that still leaves it more expensive than the standard retail price of the earlier model, so consider the device below if you're on a budget. See our full iPad mini (6th gen) review for more details.

A product shot of the iPad Mini (2019)

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iPad Mini (2019, 5th generation)

The best iPad for drawing if you want a super portable tablet the cheap

Stylus support: Apple Pencil 1 | Screen size: 7.9-inch | Resolution: 1536 x 2048 pixels | Weight: 304g | Dimensions: 203.2 x 134.8 x 6.1 mm | OS: iPadOS 14 | CPU: A12 Bionic | Storage: 64GB/256GB | Rear cameras: 8MP | Front camera: 7MP

Very portable
Excellent value
Doesn't support Apple Pencil 2
Less power than later models

While it doesn't have the power of the 2021 device, nor the Apple Pencil 2 support, the 5th gen iPad mini is still a highly portable and slick drawing device. Released in 2019, this generation has an iPhone XS-class chipset and a bright 7.9-inch display. You do get Apple Pencil support, just in the form of the earlier Apple Pencil 1, so it's still super-easy to instantly scribble notes and sketches.

When it comes to price, the 2021 model above retails at $499 / £569 and the 2019 model retails at $399 / £379, though it's no longer sold by Apple. Add to that the chance of further discounts, if budget is your biggest buying factor, this older model is definitely an option to consider. If you can afford the outlay, however, we'd go for the newer model above for faster processing and support for the upgraded stylus. See our full iPad mini (2019) review for more details.

Which is the best iPad mini to buy?

If you're not sure which model to go for, we'd recommend considering what you want the device for. If it's for general browsing and media consumption, the older 2019 iPad mini should do you just fine, and you may be able to find it above at a cheaper price now that it's been superseded by a newer model

However, if you want an iPad mini for creative work, particularly for drawing, we'd go for the newer 2021 iPad mini 6th generation since it adds Apple Pencil 2 support. The older mini does support Apple Pencil 1, but the Apple Pencil 2 introduces some notable upgrades, and it can magnetically stick to the device while it charges. The 2021 iPad mini also has a larger screen on a smaller body (yep, sounds impossible, but it does), and it offers better performance thanks to its A15 Bionic chip.

What are iPad minis intended for?

The iPad mini probably isn't a machine you'll want to stare at all day, because it's simple and pretty small. But it is great for streaming, gaming, note-taking and sketching, and its lightweight design means it's ideal for carrying around with you. It's also a great tablet for kids, small enough for their little hands to grasp and super travel-friendly for keeping them occupied while on vacation. 

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