Artist makes animated GIF tutorials to teach you pixel art

If you've seen great examples of pixel art and been inspired to make some yourself, it's possible that you might have quickly given up in frustration. Its low-resolution nature really means that you have nowhere to hide. Every pixel matters, and careless execution will stand out a mile.

To make it easier for you to learn the secrets of pixel art, game artist and programmer Pedro Medeiros has come up with a brilliant way to impart his accumulated pixel art knowledge.

Pedro Medeiros teaches pixel art with animated GIFs

Rather than write out a load of long-winded instructions, he's instead releasing a series of detailed tutorials in the form of animated pixel art GIFs.

Each 256 x 256 image is crammed with helpful tips

There's a new one every Tuesday, and each one covers a different aspect of pixel art, cramming a surprising amount of information into a 256 x 256 image (albeit doubled up in size so you can actually read what he has to say).

Medeiros covers loads of aspects of pixel art in his tutorials

So far, Medeiros has released animated tutorials on everything from the fundamentals of pixel art through to more advanced techniques such as animation, rendering tricks and creating magical effects.

You can see them on Medeiros' Patreon, with a new tutorial every Tuesday

They're all available to view on Medeiros' Patreon page. You're welcome to sign up and support his work, but Medeiros believes that education should be free, and says that he'll try to make all of his amazing tutorials accessible to as many people as possible.

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