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Backup important files with a subscription to Carbonite

Having a backup of your important files is essential in case anything happens to your computer. It can be a pain, but doesn’t have to be with Carbonite. Get a 1-year unlimited subscription to the service on sale for up to 35% off retail!

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected computer crash that costs you data and files. When you have Carbonite on your computer, there’s nothing to worry about when the inevitable happens.

Carbonite automatically backs up your files to the cloud so you can safely restore them anytime. Even if you haven’t lost all your files but you need them on another device, you can grab them at any time from your Carbonite account.

You can get a 1-year Carbonite Unlimited subscription on sale for just $44.99 (approx. £35), or a 3-year subscription for $116.95 (approx. £90). That’s a savings of up to 35% off retail for an essential service that will give you peace of mind.

Dom Carter
Dom Carter is Creative Bloq's staff writer, news finder, and all round design fan. You'll usually find him drooling over screen prints and coveting more notebooks than is practical.