Cadbury now has a sonic logo – and it's kinda perfect

(Image credit: Cadbury)

Why rely on visual marketing when you could play with sound as well? That's the feeling behind the new sonic logo composed for Cadbury by a prominent film score composer, which aims to sum up the chocolate company's brand in just a few notes. 

Produced by specialist sonic logo branding agency DLMDD, the short sound accompanies the well-known visual logo to create a multi-sensory experience. Given the last year has seen a 22 per cent uptake in sonic logos, sound is clearly the next big thing in marketing – and Cadbury has leaped on the trend. Listen to the sonic logo below, and we'll go and update our how to design a logo piece with a brand-new section.

Composer Guy Farley (opens in new tab) wrote the score for the sonic logo on a Steinway piano from 1895, immediately adding the sense of history and gravitas necessary for such a historic brand. The sound is already in place in TV adverts, including Garage and Give A Doubt (see that one below). Watch to the end and you'll hear the three notes underpinning a voice speaking "There's A Glass And A Half In Everyone" (Cadbury's tagline).

There's no doubt that Cadbury's branding is some of the best-known out there, with the signature-style looped wordmark (based on the signature of founder William Cadbury) and the distinctive purple (Pantone 2685C, in case you were wondering) packing a chocolate-y punch right off the bat. And this auditory addition only serves to strengthen it more. 

For a brand with such a familiar logo, any decision to refresh or redesign is a tricky balancing act (which may be why the visual redesign was so slight in 2020) so the addition of a sonic logo is an inspired, and logical act. When you can't change the bones of a design, you need to grab attention another way and using another sense is ideal (perhaps the next step forward could be a logo that tastes of chocolate?). Check out our list of the best sonic logos of last year to explore the other companies who have taken the auditory leap. 

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