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cheap GoPro deals
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Welcome to Creative Bloq's guide to the best cheap GoPro deals. Thanks to their fantastic footage, extreme durability and portable nature, GoPro cameras have quickly become the go-to tool for filming POV (point-of-view) videos.

GoPro Hero cameras have survived being dropped from aeroplanes, being taken near volcanoes, being submerged in the ocean and a whole lot more. There's almost nothing these little devices can't take. But this level of toughness doesn't come cheap, which is where our guide to cheap GoPro deals comes in. Read on for the best cheap GoPro offers right now.

GoPro cameras also offer the user multiple field-of-view (FOV) options, and many newer models such as the two-year-old Hero7 Black give you the option to shoot at an incredibly slick 240fps, for super-slow-motion creative effects. GoPros also take excellent stills, and often have a burst mode to give you even more shooting flexibility. 

The latest Hero9 Black also a 20 megapixel stills resolution, and can shoot video at 5K resolution - but still with the ability to capture high definition slo-mo footage at 240 frames per second. The most recent GoPros offer HyperSmooth stabilisation to keep your videos smooth even when the camera is being shaken around, and boasts a revamped microphone system for improved sound quality. 

Our tool automatically searches all the major retailers to find the best GoPro deals at any time. This includes everything from the updated top-end GoPro Hero9 Black, the new mid-range GoPro Hero8, and the now bargain-priced GoPro Hero7 family, which still offer impressive quality and can be found for great prices online.

We've run through the filming capabilities on each model below, so you can find the cheapest GoPro for your needs. Here are the best GoPro cameras for filming you can buy – and the best GoPro deals available right now for each model.

The best cheap GoPro deals you can buy

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cheap GoPro deals - GoPro Hero8 Black

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01. GoPro Hero8 Black deals

The best cheap GoPro deal overall

FOV: Super view, Wide, Medium, Narrow | 4K video: up to 60fps | 1080p video: up to 240fps | Stills: 12MP | Burst: up to 30fps | Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth | Auto low light: Yes

Great 4K video and image quality
Water-resistant without housing
Built-in accessory shoe
Front-facing screen is optional extra

This is not the latest GoPro model, but this 2019 flagship is probably the best deal for most users right now. This is the first GoPro to have a built-in mount – simplifying its connection to things like your bike or helmet. And it is also the first to offer accessory 'Mods', that provided bespoke extras such as a light or a secondary display. The Hero8 offers  ‘HyperSmooth’ image stabilization for near gimbal-like, smooth 4K video footage – and as with other GoPros this is fully waterproof straight out of the box (with the option of an additional housing if you want to use it for serious scuba diving). 

cheap GoPro deals - GoPro Hero9 Black

(Image credit: GoPro)

02. GoPro Hero9 Black deals

The best GoPro ever

FOV: Super view, Wide, Medium, Narrow | 4K video: up to 60fps | 1080p video: up to 240fps | Stills: 20MP | Burst: up to 30fps | Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth | Auto low light: Yes

Front LCD screen is great for vlogging and for selfie sequences
5K maximum video resolution
Enhanced 20MP stills
Bigger than earlier GoPros

This is the latest, and the best GoPro, yet. Launched at the end of 2020 this resets the benchmark for action cam performance - with an improved 20 megapixel stills capability, and 5K video resolution. But what really appeals with this model is the front LCD display. This addition is not just for selfies - but is a serious production aid for those using the GoPro for vlogging, or is you are trying to film yourself as you ski down that black run. Surprising, despite, being the newest arrival, there are some great deals already on this camera – most notably if you buy direct from GoPro.

GoPro deals: GoPro Hero7 Black

03. GoPro Hero7 Black deals

The best GoPro on the block

FOV: Super view, Wide, Medium, Narrow | 4K video: up to 60fps | 1080p video: up to 240fps | Stills: 12MP | Burst: up to 30fps | Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth | Auto low light: Yes

Great 4K video and image quality
Water-resistant without housing
HyperSmooth is very effective
Can struggle with voice commands

The newest GoPro Hero 7 Black has a similar design and specification to last year's excellent Hero 6, with a custom-designed GP1 processor that captures the same 4K video at 60 frames per second and 12MP wide-angle stills, and it can shoot 1080p at a massive 240fps, for super-smooth 8x slow mo.

This newer model has added features that make a serious difference to the overall experience of using a GoPro camera. This starts with the new HyperSmooth video stabilisation feature that just about eliminates shaky video. An upgrade over the Hero 6 sees this feature now usable on 60fps 4K video too. There's now a time-lapse feature too and greater audio dynamic range.

The UI has also had a drastic overhaul, with swipes and better voice command support making it easier to operate on the move. In short the best GoPro camera just got even better, and launching at a lower price than the Hero6's launch price, it's a no brainer if you want the most powerful GoPro there is.

GoPro deals: GoPro Hero7 Silver

04. GoPro Hero7 Silver deals

A new mid-range GoPro offers good value for money

FOV: Super view, Wide, Medium, Narrow | 4K video: up to 30fps | 1080p video: up to 240fps | Stills: 12MP | Burst: up to 30fps | Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth | Auto low light: Yes

60fps video at 1440p and 1080p
Under £300
Only 30fps 4K video
Lacks the advanced video stabilisation of the Hero7 Black

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is a new mid-range tier in the GoPro lineup, coming in at a more affordable price than the Hero7 Black and shaving a few aspects from the specification. It only does 4K video at 30fps, but retains 60fps recording at 1440p and 1080p, which most action camera seekers will probably find acceptable for great quality video at a much more affordable price.

The stills sensor is down to 10MP and it lacks the new HyperSmooth video stabilisation feature of the Hero7 Black, relying on the older generation's standard stabilisation features, but adopting the newer models swipe-based interface. But at this pricing it's a more palatable option.

GoPro Hero7 White deals

05. GoPro Hero7 White deals

The cheapest current GoPro camera is an affordable option for 1080p video

FOV: Super view, Wide, Medium, Narrow | 4K video: none | 1080p video: up to 60fps | WVGA video: up to 240fps | Stills: 10MP | Burst: up to 15fps | Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth | Auto low light: Yes

60fps 1080p recording
Under £200
No 4K support

The new Hero7 White offers a 10MP still camera and solid 60fps 1080p video, omitting higher resolutions, but dropping the price to something that (if you find the right cheap deal) is surprising affordable. That means you get a 2019 GoPro model at a price that makes it an easy choice. It retains all the basic hardware features of the pricier models, such as image stabilisation (although not the advanced HyperSmooth feature that's exclusive to the Hero7) a 2in LCD and voice control.

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