Discover 4 self-promo ideas you wish you had


Find out how to create powerful self-promo with the brand new edition of Computer Arts, issue 260, which hits the newsstand today. 

This month’s lead feature takes an in-depth look at four outstanding self-promotional projects you wish you did (and one you’re glad you didn’t). Packed with pro tips and advice for how to cut through the noise, the feature reveals how to create stunningly effective, profile-building promotional projects that will win you work or boost your reputation.

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Spread from the special report inside Computer Arts 260

Elsewhere, leading design studio The Chase reveals how to craft better branding; and pro agencies explain how they keep on top of multiple projects, ensuring every client brief is completed on time and to budget.

Also this month, the magazine kicks off a new 10-part series, which will culminate in its annual New Talent special issue next summer. Curated by D&AD New Blood trustee Tom Manning, the first article explores – with a humorous touch – what it takes to make it as a young designer in the modern design industry.

Also inside Computer Arts 260

Garments come to life as technology hits the catwalk in this month's trends section
  • Richard Turley talks radical media and Mushpit magazine
  • Australian hand-lettering expert Gemma O’Brien explains how an inauspicious start led to her meteoric industry rise
  • The Just Eat rebrand is critiqued from three different perspectives
  • Michael Johnson reveals why ‘step 2.5’ in his five-and-a-half step branding process is crucial
  • Industry experts discuss: how far is too far when it comes to self-promotion?
  • How to start a studio: creative business consultant Zena Bruges shares three steps that are crucial for your new venture
  • Miss Led shares her insights and advice for improving your hand-drawn illustrations
  • How Sagmeister & Walsh created over 400 visual assets for this ambitious fashion campaign
  • How Dazzle Ship introduced the emerging sport of drone racing to broadcast audiences worldwide
  • The best new design, illustration and motion work from around the world, and much more
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Hand-lettering artist Gemma O'Brien talks passion and travel
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How pro agencies keep on top of multiple projects
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The month's most inspiring new design and illustration work

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Meet one of the men behind new freelancer app Availo

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