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Pluralsight video course: Creating a character from scratch in Maya

Get this free 1.5-hour video course from Pluralsight

Characters are a critical part of any movie or games pipeline and are a really popular area of study for artists. In this easy-to-follow guide from Justin Marshall at Pluralsight, you'll learn how to create characters in Maya, covering areas such as modelling with deformers and adding detail for smoothing and accessories. 

By the end this one-and-a-half-hour course, you’ll know
 how to create a character in Maya. 

Download your materials here (456.7KB)

Download video pack 1 here (656.3MB) 

Download video pack 2 here (786.2MB) 

Artist Showcase

This month's showcase includes this gorgeous cityscape

Download extra images, art and step-by-step tutorials for this issue's reader showcase projects.

Download your files here (53.2MB)

Tutorial: Upgrade your sci-fi concepts

Create the character of Major from Ghost in the Shell

Dan Roarty shares his process for modelling the main character from the film Ghost in the Shell. Download his step-by-step images and videos to get closer to his workflow.

Download your files here (61.7MB)

Download your videos here (2.9GB)

Tutorial: Learn how to sculpt from concept art

How to recreate a complex character in ZBrush

Follow Arik Newman's process for recreating this croc pirate character from concept art. 

Download your files here (39.6MB)

Tutorial: Texturing a high-poly vehicle

Follow Matthias Develtere's guide to texture an armoured vehicle

Texture like a pro with Matthias Develtere's workflow. Download his images and watch the video to follow the settings.

Download your files here (25.2MB)

Download your videos here (72MB)

Tutorial: Master creature sculpting

Create this stunning ibex in just one hour

Find out how to create this stunning ibex character in just one hour with Krystal Sae Eua's ZBrush workflow.

Download your files here (44.3MB)

Artist Q&A: CG art problems solved

Our CG artists solve your problems

This month our team of artists explain how to model organic shapes, eliminate seams and make stylised props in 3D, plus an extra 10-step guide to creating a hot metal effect. Download the video tips and files to follow these tutorials.

Download your files and video here (214MB)