Facebook (sorry, Meta) continues to rile everyone with its rebrand

The Meta logo with angry emojis.
(Image credit: Meta/Apple/Future)

If you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you may have missed Facebook's controversial rebrand to Meta, as the company takes a step towards its very own metaverse. But so far, the rebrand has been anything but what we imagine the company expected, and instead the list of people it seems to be annoying with the change just keeps growing.

Days-old Meta is already in hot water after the logo and name are facing some copyright issues. It turns out that there is one company with a similar logo, and another with a similar name and, unsurprisingly, neither are happy with Zuckerberg. If you're hoping to make a logo without the Meta-style controversies, then check out our golden rules of logo design

A comparison between the Sense and Meta logo.

The Sense and Meta logo are very similar.  (Image credit: Sense/Meta/Future)

Sense, a Berlin-based app that helps with migraines, sent a shady tweet to Facebook (or Meta now) saying, "We are very honoured that Facebook felt inspired by the logo of our migraine app - maybe they’ll get inspired by our data privacy procedures as well." Ouch. 

They then followed it up with another sassy tweet: "We've been told this rebrand is causing Mr Zuckerberg a big migraine — we can help! Just download our app," props to Sense's marketing team. 

To be honest, we can see why the Sense team is a little put out. The similarities between Sense and Meta logo are painfully obvious (see above), with almost identical shapes, and both logos making use of gradient colours.

But Sense weren't the only victims of Facebook's infamous rebrand; an Arizona-based company called Meta PC's are protesting the name, Meta. The company sells laptops, computers, and gaming software and recently trademarked the name, Meta. 

According to The Guardian, Zack Shutt (Co-founder of Meta PC's) isn't willing to sell the Meta trademark for anything less than $20M. Despite the lingering thought that one of the biggest companies in the world is using your company name, Meta PC's have been keeping things light-hearted by posting some hilarious Meta-related tweets too. 

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The ambush continues over on Twitter, as users continue to troll the tech company. One user called the rebrand, "Meta-invasive, Meta-annoying, Meta-snooping!" and another said that Meta "makes Facebook sound as insidious as it is." Some of the Meta-memes are hysterical, but we can imagine Mr Zuckerberg isn't finding them as funny as we are. 

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We are interested to see how Meta will approach the backlash it is facing, and to see how these two small companies will deal with their accidental fame. In the meantime, if you're still confused about what the metaverse is, then check out our handy guide on all things Metaverse

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