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Behold, the worst website designs of all time

The Websites From Hell logo surrounded by flames
(Image credit: Websites From Hell/Future)

Technology has advanced a lot since the 90s, so it is no surprise that we're used to sleek, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing website design. But lurking in the depths of the internet are a number of websites that haven't, erm, had their 21st century update yet – and they are very funny. 

We stumbled upon a page called Websites From Hell, which has put together an extensive collection of questionable site designs. From pet grooming to car sales, there are a hundreds, if not thousands, of these garish sites still up and running. Below you'll find a few of our favourites (and if you fancy a go at making your own, check out our best website builder roundup).

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A screenshot of a garish website homepage.

LEJARDINDESMERVEILLES.COM — We love the lapdog fantasy combo (click the arrows to see more) (Image credit: Websites from Hell)
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A screenshot of a garish website homepage.

PAULINE-MARX.COM — This is quite an avant-garde design. The Easter island statue is a nice touch (Image credit: Websites from Hell)
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A screenshot of a garish website homepage.

PAPILLON-ZWERGENBURG.DE — This dog really resonates with us (Image credit: Websites from Hell)
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A screenshot of a garish website homepage.

LO.SZCZECINEK.PL — This psychedelic site makes good use of 3D graphics (Image credit: Websites from Hell)
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A screenshot of a garish website homepage.

ARNGREN.NET — We aren't sure where to look (Image credit: Websites from Hell)

We know that the point of Websites from Hell is to pick out design fails, there is definitely something quite wholesome and nostalgic about looking back on the old designs. We feel that the collection is quite a delightful time capsule and some of the designs (particularly the dog-based ones) are actually quite endearing. 

As much as we enjoyed scrolling through these gaudy designs, the best websites of the year are a lot less, shall we say, complicated. But perhaps you can use these extravagant designs as a guide to how not to make a website. If you are making your own website, make sure to check out our roundup of the best web hosting services.

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