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We can't stop staring at these fruity ice cream sculptures

Stoyn Studio ice cream sculptures of a mango, raspberry, banana, pineapple and apple
(Image credit: Stoyn Studio)

It can be easy to get complacent when designing everyday items. Everyone knows what a table looks like, and there's no big rebrand to be done when it comes to ice cream, right? Well, not quite. Russian company Stoyn Studio has created some fruity sculptural ice creams that we can't stop staring at, not least because they turn hypnotically on the brand's homepage and social media accounts. 

It looks like this is one brand that's taken our sketching tips and turned them into a whole new dimension. (See our best 3D modelling software if you're feeling inspired.)

The line of sculptural fruit ice creams sorbets have been released for the brand's 10th anniversary, and include a mango cut into chunks, giving it a spiky, hedgehog-like look, a raspberry that looks like, well a raspberry, a sliced up apple on a stick and a very spiky pineapple. We hope it's not as sharp as it looks. 

We like the inventive approach to the fruit. The designers could have just gone for one banana on a stick, but no. They went for a whole bunch.

ice cream sculptures of fruit

Looks like a bunch of fun (Image credit: Stoyn Studio)

There are also some people-based ice creams, including a pink Marilyn Monroe and a chocolate Che Guevara. These are well done too, but we find the fruit ones most appealing. Probably because licking someone's head isn't usually associated with a delicious taste.

ice cream sculptures of fruit

We're not sure this one is as appetising (Image credit: Stoyn Studio)

The ice creams are, sadly for us, available only in Russia. You can see them for yourself over on the Stoyn website.

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