Celebrate ImagineFX's 200th edition!

Cover image ImagineFX 200
ImagineFX's issue 200 cover painted by Permille Ørum is revealed! (Image credit: Future)

It's ImagineFX's 200th edition anniversary and we are celebrating big with an amazing edition of art and inspiration for its readers. Animation artist Pernille Ørum exclusively creates our cover art for our very special edition, and inside the magazine we feature a host of legendary artists like Donato Giancola, Kekai Kotaki, Brom Loish and so many more!

PLUS - in our print edition - you'll get an amazing free double sided poster featuring Pernille's beautiful cover art, and a selection of our favoyrite cover art from our illustrious cover art archive from Sparth, Art of Edge, Chantal Horeis and Wylie Beckert! 

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This edition is on sale in the UK now and will reach overseas in the coming weeks. If you are still not venturing outside, pleas visit our online store to order your copy for home delivery. You can download us immediately for your iOS or Android device. See below for the full list of digital and print options to be able to get hold of us. 

You’ll see just some of the many highlights in this issue below.

What would pro artists tell their younger selves

Feature double page spread ImagineFX 200

We asked top artists what they wished they knew when they were starting out (Image credit: Future)

Artist luminaries including Loish, Finnian MacManus, Clayton Henry and Peter Brockhammer reveal the key lessons they wish they had already learned when they were starting out in their careers. It’s an inspiring read that’s sure to help those starting out on their journey in art.

A look back at 200 editions of ImagineFX

Feature double page spread ImagineFX 200

Take a look back with us at our best ever moments. We’ve had a blast!  (Image credit: Future)

We delve into our best ever art moments that have helped shape the past 200 editions of ImagineFX. Plus we look back at the key innovations and events that have happened during these years to help make our community even stronger. 

Sketches from a master of art

Feature double page spread ImagineFX 200

Master fantasy artist Donato Giancola shares his drawings with us for issue 200 (Image credit: Future)

ImagineFX has long followed the illustrious career of Donato Giancola. His work is synonymous with the finest of fantasy art's creations, so we are thrilled to be able to share a rare peek into the celebrated illustrator sepia toned sketchbooks. 

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15 new drawing techniques 

Dibujante Nocturno double page spread ImagineFX 200

Spanish artist Dibujante Nocturno will help make your sketches better today (Image credit: Future)

From new ways with line art, to creating balance and adding texture, Dibujante Nocturno’s handy guide to drawing will offer guidance and help to make better drawings.

How to get hold of ImagineFX

ImagineFX is on sale in the UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and more.  Limited numbers of ImagineFX print editions are available for delivery to over 120 countries from our online store (the shipping costs are included in all prices) 

Alternatively, you can access us instantly through our digital options:

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