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Improve your creative workflow with this crash course

Why would creatives need to learn project management concepts? Well, if you have your own business, are thinking of starting one or work in a big team environment, you'll want to know the fundamentals to streamline your work process. Lean Six Sigma (opens in new tab) helps you push your business to success with project management skills that will help your creative workflow (opens in new tab), and, for a limited time only, you'll get an additional 15% off with code PRESIDENT15.

If you're growing your business, you might want to update your business cards. If so, check out our pick of the best business card templates (opens in new tab) out there.

Manage team dynamics

Working with different people and personalities can sometimes be challenging. Add the stress of project deadlines and chaos can ensue. Discover how to work with different leaders successfully, and manage your team dynamics better, with the help of Lean Six Sigma. You'll learn how to present projects to instructors, peers and managers in an organised way to increase the quality of your work. You'll soon learn how to assist your colleagues better, and more efficiently.

Learn how streamline your resources

With access to four valuable online courses and over 30 lessons, this master bundle will also teach you ways to eliminate wasted resources and reduce unwanted activities that may be blocking your growth in the workplace. You'll learn how to streamline everything you do. With over 45 hours of content, these lessons will expose you to Lean's concepts, so you can optimise your processes, increase quality and drive maximum value in any business. 

Explore data-driven results

Amp up your content and make sure you're hitting your goals with Minitab, a critical statistical software project managers count on to explore data. Familiarising yourself with the software will allow you to learn how to communicate valuable information to others and analyse what is and isn't working. You'll also earn a certificate at the end of the training, allowing you to boost your résumé and add it to your list of skills, making you stand out. 

The Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle is usually priced at over $2,000, but, for a limited time, you can start streamlining your creative business like a pro for only $41.65 (opens in new tab) with code PRESIDENT15. Transform your workplace and begin implementing values that will help you be more productive and efficient in your craft. Hurry, this offer ends on February 18th!

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