Apparently Instagram can't tell the difference between Photoshop and AI

Instagram logo
(Image credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Whether we like it or not, AI is taking over the online sphere. The good news is that apps like TikTok and Instagram are taking a stand, introducing labels for AI-generated content – the bad news is, they don't work particularly well. 

AI art generators are getting slicker and harder to detect so I'm all for a bit of online transparency, but it seems that Instagram's 'Made with AI' label might be a little trigger-happy. Even content with the smallest of Photoshop tweaks seems to be branded with the cursed label, causing concern among creatives who feel their work is being wrongly accused. 

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Natalie Fear
Staff Writer

Natalie is Creative Bloq's staff writer. With an eye for trending topics and a passion for internet culture, she brings you the latest in art and design news. A recent English Literature graduate, Natalie enjoys covering the lighter side of the news and brings a fresh and fun take to her articles. Outside of work (if she’s not glued to her phone), she loves all things music and enjoys singing sweet folky tunes.