The new James Jean NFT celebrates the artist's eclectic style, and we love it

A photo of James Jean nft Fragments
(Image credit: James Jean)

James Jean is an incredible artist who manages to straddle both entertainment and gallery art, and now the Taiwanese-American artist is conquering NFTs. Having already created the standalone Slingshot and Woodcutter Awakening NFTs, James Jean now has his first PFP (profile picture) NFT, called Fragments.

You can now buy Fragment NFTs on OpenSea, one of the best NFT marketplaces. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, like Fragments represent digital files stores on a blockchain and create rarity. If you need more details, read our What are NFTs? feature, or take a look at our tutorial on how to create an NFT for free.

Made in collaboration with NFT platform Outland, James Jean's Fragments NFT is made up of 7,000 digital stained glass artworks. Each one is hand-drawn and hand-painted by James Jean, and has been inspired by the artists in real life sculpture called Pagoda.

Strange creature designs from James Jean for an NFT

The 7,000 hand-crafted NFTs from James Jean make up the Fragments project, and we think it's brilliant (Image credit: James Jean)

Each NFT panel, that can be used as profile picture, are inspired my mythic beings, "each character bears a unique persona on a pentagonal frame in his signature psychedelic colour palette,” describes Outland on its website. “Fragments features visual elements that have appeared within Jean’s works throughout his career, including his interest in the painting traditions of European, Chinese, and Japanese old Masters, and so offers a retrospective exploration of his artistic practice.”

The early minting has already been and gone, meaning you've missed the chance to grab a Fragments NFT at a lower price. But the public sale is now happening on OpenSea and through Outland. Expect to pay a floor price of 1.2 ETH (around $2,866 / £2,285), which places Fragments by James Jean in the higher-end collector category. 

If you're a fan of James Jean and love his approach to art then Fragments feels like a celebration of everything he's done before. The warm colour palette, exotic and fantastical creature designs, and flowing line art feels like everything this eclectic artists has done before, all wrapped up in an NFT bow. James Jean fans may want to take a look.

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