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We've found it – the most terrifying deepfake ever made

Jurassic Park cat deepfake
The stuff of nightmares (Image credit: OwlKitty on YouTube)

Deepfakes often get a bad rap, thanks to (arguably legitimate) concerns about their potential for spreading mistruths or, as you might prefer to call it, "fake news". But our favourites are the fun and ridiculous ones – the ones that make you think the creator was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. 

Enter this Jurassic Park edit, in which the giant T-Rex has been replaced by something even more terrifying – a hungry cat. Edited to perfection, the clip seamlessly inserts the furious feline into original film footage, with utterly hilarious results. (Inspired to create your own masterpiece? Check out the best laptops for video editing.)

In some ways, calling the video a deepfake is doing it a disservice. Instead of using AI to replace an actor's face, the owners of OwlKitty have painstakingly shot their cat against a green screen before inserting the footage into the film. But the results are so impressive, they're enough to rival even the most realistic deepfakes out there (like those uncanny Tom Cruise clips).

Jurassic Park cat deepfake

Frightened face emoji (Image credit: OwlKitty on YouTube)

From the cat's head bursting through the Jurassic Jeep's sunroof to a strategic roly-poly knocking over said vehicle, there are too many brilliant moments to count. And YouTubers are absolutely loving the video. "This is the peak of humanity’s creations," one user comments, while another adds, "Humour aside, this is actually some incredible editing. The lighting, the tin cans, the masking, everything is perfectly seamless." 

The creators have even been generous enough to post a seven-minute making-of video (above), which reveals just how much time and creativity went into turning their cat Lizzy into a T-Rex. And if you enjoyed the Jurassic Park mashup, Lizzy also appears in Jaws, Indiana Jones and many, many more over on the OwlKitty YouTube channel

From the Star Wars edit so realistic it got the creator hired, to this contemporary recast of Back to the Future, we've seen all manner of weird and wonderful examples of the tech lately. If you fancy going further down the deepfake hole, check out these 10 deepfake examples that terrified and amused the internet.

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