Incredible Back to the Future deepfake is better than a remake

Deepfake Back to the Future
(Image credit: EZRyderX47)

Nothing has the capacity to blow our minds quite like a deepfake, and we've been alerted to a stellar example we can't get enough of. Fans of Back to the Future (and fans of deepfakes) will want to see this video, which features that oh-so-famous hallway scene between Marty McFly and Doc Brown. But not quite as you know it.

As you may remember, the film usually stars Michael J. Fox and and Christopher Fox, but this deepfake puts Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. into the main roles. We're not exaggerating when we say that it's a masterclass in deepfake technology, which easily rivals those found on our top deepfake examples roundup. 

For those not in the know, Back to the Future sees Marty McFly travelling back in time with the assistance of Doc Brown, and YouTuber EZYRyderX47 has done a top job putting a fun, new slant on an iconic scene. We recommend you watch the original to compare, if you haven't yet seen it. See the video below.

With over 10 million views on the YouTube video, commenters on Twitter can't believe the accuracy and perceived authenticity of this deepfake, with some calling it the best they've ever seen. 

Given there hasn't been any talk of a Back to the Future sequel (plus the original director Robert Zemeckis doesn't want to see one), this could be as close as we'll get to seeing other actors in the iconic roles. Many fans on Twitter agree that there shouldn't be a remake but are grateful to the technology for the providing the experience, just for fun.

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Others comment on the terrifying possibilities of deepfakes when they can be this accurate, with some even calling for regulation on its usage and others discussing what could be next for the technology (see our piece on the ethics of digital humans).

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It's certainly true that deepfake technology has some frightening possibilities, especially if used politically. But we also have to praise the sheer skill of those creating work as convincing as in this Back to the Future video, and this The Irishman deepfake (which blew away the original).

Neural networking technology also has applications in digital art, as shown by these cool-but-creepy digital portraits, which bring well-known faces of the art world hurtling into the 21st century. Mona Lisa has never looked like this before.

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