I totally get why Keira Knightley wants to copyright her face

Actress Keira Knightley on the red carpet
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Actress Keira Knightley has aired her concerns about the rise of AI, stating that she may be forced to copyright her face if firmer regulations are not put in place to protect actors. It comes in the midst of ongoing writer and actor strikes in the US, where anxieties are rising about whether the advancement of AI technology may lead to a decline in jobs. 

With AI and deepfake technology getting increasingly advanced, it's no wonder that so many celebs are highlighting the negative repercussions of this technology. If you want to see just how scarily realistic AI faces can be, take a look at the best deepfake examples.

Keira Knightley

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Speaking with The Telegraph, Knightley said: "At the moment for actresses, the concern is about the voice, and they’re trying to protect the voiceover industry.” With advancements moving faster than regulators can keep up, there's a real concern that these technologies will become out of control if left unchecked. "I hope governments come in and regulate it,” the actress added. 

"I imagine the next step will be to copyright my face," the star suggested, preempting a future of AI replicas – and her concerns aren't entirely unfounded. With AI technology becoming more accessible to the wider public, deepfaked content has been increasingly spread across social media, creating some serious concerns for those in the limelight. 

Nicki Minaj, Tom Holland and Mark Zuckerberg deepfakes

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Knightley's not the only celebrity who's a little disturbed by the AI invasion. The recent Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj deepfake drama caused a stir when the rapper responded to a deepfaked TV show that presented the pair as a loving couple, calling it an "AI shapeshifting cloning conspiracy theory."

While Knightley's call for more regulation regarding deepfakes and AI technology is a completely rational concern for many in the creative industries, there are plenty of examples where the technology can be used for good. Check out our collection of the best AI art generators that showcase the technology's positive power. 

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