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If you want to learn the concepts of information architecture and start practicing it yourself, you should come to Generate New York in April, where Abby Covert will run a full-day workshop and follow it up with a talk at the conference that will help you make sense of any mess. 

No matter what your job or mission in life: if you are working with other people, you are dealing with information architecture. It is the way we arrange the parts of something to make it understandable. 

Whether it's determining the labels for your products and services or creating navigational systems to help users move through a complex ecosystem of marketing channels, everybody architects information. It is not without challenges, however. 

Businesses are spending more time and money on digital than ever before, but seemingly less time developing clear communications in the language they use and structures they create.

Designers encounter challenges as they try to merge these languages and structures, often coming from more than one organisation and across multiple channels.

As well as Abby's workshop, don't miss her session on how to make sense of any mess

As well as Abby's workshop, don't miss her session on how to make sense of any mess

Abby will show you several ways to approach these challenges. The concepts you have to understand to practice IA thoughtfully are not hard to learn or based on expensive tools. They are tools and concepts everybody should know, and which you will learn in Abby Covert's introductory talk and workshop. 

There couldn't be a better person to teach information architecture than Abby Covert. She specialises in delivering a collaborative IA process and teaching those she works with along the way. Her talks and workshops are accompanied by How to Make Sense of Any Mess, a book about information architecture for everybody.

As well as a whole day of practical workshops, there's also a day of insightful sessions from 13 other great experts in web design. Hear from the likes of Sara Soueidan, Jennifer Brook, Tammy Everts and Steve Fisher. Topics covered include designing conversational interfaces, user research, design systems and the sweet spot of design, performance and conversion rates. 

To find out more, check out the Generate New York site.

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