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Master the art of 3D at Modo Live

If you want to hone your 3D skills, don't miss Modo Live, a free Foundry event held at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation, which will be live streamed from 7:00pm PST today (Fri, Feb 10 from 03:00am GMT).

Covering the 3D content creation software from a variety of angles, Modo Live will give a wide view into how artists and designers apply Modo to their craft. Each presenter will have 20 minutes to share their work with the live audience, before fielding questions after the event. Current topics include: game environments, jewelry design, cloth and hard surface modeling for athletic gear, and an animated parrot design.

The speakers include:

  • Ed Ferrari - freelance 3D artist
  • Andres Reyes - Managing Director, Boxel Animation Studios
  • Yiris Hallal, Head of Production, Boxel Animation Studios
  • Yazan Malkosh - Managing Director, 9b Studios
  • Connor McCampbell - Environment Artist, BattleCry Studios

The Foundry’s Creative Specialist Greg Brown will also be there to showcase future technology.

Presentations from the six speakers will be live streamed, starting 7:00pm PST (Fri, Feb 10 from 03:00 GMT) – don't miss it!