This optical illusion is so mind-bending that no one believes it

Three cars driving up a hill.
(Image credit: Beatonthebeeb)

Another day, another optical illusion that we can't understand. This time we are sitting scratching our heads at this image of three seemingly different sized cars — but what if we told you they were all the same size?

The illusion of three cars driving up a hill is gaining a lot of attention on TikTok. And while it looks as though the cars are ascending in size order, from smallest to largest, the TikTok goes on to demonstrate that the cars are all exactly the same size. Want to have a go at making your own illusion? Check out our step by step guide on how to create a 3D optical illusion.


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TikTok user Beatonthebeeb was able to break down the illusion by taking the cars out of the context of the photo and lining them up next to each other, revealing that they were in fact all the same size. The TikTokker went on to explain that because the cars are positioned on a hill, our brain artificially enlarges the one furthest away, making it look bigger even though it isn't. As it turns out, they are apparently all the same car. 

The original video has racked up over 530k views and over 700 comments on TikTok and, unsurprisingly, users are just as confused as we are. Some aren't convinced that the illusion is even real, with one user commenting that if you "measure them compared to the signpost, 1st is 1/3 and last is 1/2 size of the sign post". We decided to check this (see below) by creating a shape the same height as the lamp post (rectangle on the left), and lining up the cars below to see if they were all the same size. It might look like the one on the far right is a bit bigger but we think it's just the angle of the car. As you can see, they're pretty much the same size. 

The three cars lined up and compared to each other.

To us, it looks as though all the cars are the same size.  (Image credit: Beatonthebeeb/Future)

Other users weren't as eagle-eyed and were enjoying the illusion without speculating about the truth of this motor-themed mind boggler. Someone commented on the video, "what is this wizardry, my head hurts," another said, "wow my mind has been blow by this illusion for the 74th time". 

Our minds are blown too, and the more TikTokkers that comment that the illusion isn't true, the more confused we get. If you loved this illusion, then make sure you check out our 12 favourite mind-bending illusions.

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