I’m starry-eyed over the most photographed mounuments after dark

Empire State Building at dusk
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We might think the best time to appreciate beautiful architecture is in the daytime when we can see all the details, but it's after dark when some structures truly come to life. In an analysis of over 10 million photos on Flickr relating to the tag "night", it was uncovered which buildings are most popular for twilight photography, and the results are suitably stunning.

You'll want to get your hands on a good low-light camera to capture the beauty of the night and with the help of Buildworld's research, you may find that one of the world's favourite after-dark monuments is within snapping distance for your next photography project. 

Most photographed buildings after dark

(Image credit: Buildworld)

When we think of nighttime architectural photography, many of us may instantly think of the Eiffel Tower (not just because of its strange after-dark photography policies). However, Buildworld's research shows that the most photographed building at dusk is actually the Markthal in Rotterdam. 

A close look at the exquisite building reveals why it's so popular, as its 11,000-square-meter mural glows particularly beautifully when illuminated at night. Approximately 37% of the photos of the market hall are taken after dark, showcasing the individually illuminated windows that give the large structure a surprisingly cosy feel. 

Most photographed buildings after dark

(Image credit: Buildworld)

In North America, the Empire State Building takes the crown for the most popular nocturnal architecture. Residing in the city that never sleeps, it's hard to stand out against an already densely populated illuminated skyline, yet according to research, approximately "191 of every 1,000 photos" of the building were snapped at night. Thanks to an ever-changing light display, the iconic structure is a firm favourite, ranking 10th overall worldwide.

Elsewhere, in the UK, the stunning Wells Cathedral ranks as the top pick for nighttime photography. The ancient structure was built between the 12th and 15th centuries, yet still stands the test of time with some "142 of every 1,000" snaps taken at night. Although it was built before artificial lighting, the grand underlit structure casts striking shadows that reveal the depth and detail of the building's intricate carvings. 

Most photographed buildings after dark

(Image credit: Buildworld)

It goes to show that there's no set architectural design that attracts the cameras of night owl photographers. From Anglican cathedrals to Art Deco skyscrapers, the night captures a unique dramatic essence that's lost in the light of day. You can find out more about the study of nocturnal architectural photography on the Buildworld website – the diversity of the results is astounding. 

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