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The new Star Trek logo looks out of this world

New Star Trek logo

The new logo appeared as part of a teaser trailer

Hot on the heels of DC Comic's recent logo design rebrand, another pop culture super franchise has unveiled a new visual identity. Revealed as part of a teaser trailer, the new Star Trek logo for the upcoming CBS series keeps up the trend of using the arrowhead-shaped starfleet badge as the foundation of the programme's aesthetic.

Original Star Trek logo

The Star Trek logo as it originally appeared in 1966

The logo is topped off with a spiky wordmark that echoes the show's original title card from 1966. However this time the font has been subtly embellished with serifs, open loops on the lettering and a chrome finish. All of these touches keep it on just the right side of retro font homage without getting too lost in its own nostalgia.

Reception for the new logo has generally been enthusiastic, with fans keen to see how it integrates into the new series. The decision to split the starfleet badge into two sections hasn't gone unnoticed, raising questions as to when the new series will be set. Fans don't have to wait too long though, as the new series is due to air in 2017.

Dom Carter
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