Top Nintendo Switch SD card is less than half price in essential Black Friday deal

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Update November 26: The 'less than half price SD card' has gone back up t0 $79, not a bad deal but not as standout as before. However, there's still up to 47 per cent off other SD cards in the range, so be sure to click through the Nintendo Switch SD card options to find another deal.

Black Friday doesn't have to be all about big purchases. As important are those smaller buys, which you'd be buying anyway but, thanks to BF, have a discount. And that's where these SD cards step in. Licensed especially for the Nintendo Switch, they are aesthetically themed to different games, and have excellent discounts. 

Our favourite is this Animal Crossing SanDisk 512GB microSDXC-Card, which Amazon has knocked down from $129.99 to $57.99 in the US. At first glance it's a major price reduction. In truth, it's not that dramatic – it's been on sale elsewhere lately for $73-ish. But it's still a good discount and well worth it. Get other storage options and other themes like Zelda, Super Mario Super Mushroom, Fortnite and more. 

And the UK get a similar deal, with the full price listed as £89.49, reduced to £66.99 at Amazon. There aren't as many options for the UK in terms of storage and theme, though.

Want the actual console? See our Black Friday Nintendo Switch live blog or see below for more details.

Animal Crossing SanDisk 512GB microSDXC-Card: $129.99

Animal Crossing SanDisk 512GB microSDXC-Card: $129.99 $57.99 at Amazon
Save $72:
This saving is on the RRP, and actually the SSD is available for less than that elsewhere, but it is still an excellent deal and the best out there on this Switch-licensed SSD card. Click through for other options.

Animal Crossing SanDisk 512GB microSDXC-Card: £89.49

Animal Crossing SanDisk 512GB microSDXC-Card: £89.49 £66.99 at Amazon
Save £21.50:
A decent saving, and the lowest price seen (though it has been at this price for a little while). This SSD card is perfect for your Switch. Other themes and storage options available.

Not quite right? See the offers below where you are.

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