Sony gives the PS5 a new look (and it's hurting my eyes)

PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection is, well, weird. Who's it for? Why has it been made? Is there a contingent of PS5 players who live in dark, camouflaged basements that don't want their console to be seen or found? It's all a little, well, bizarre.

These new colours, that includes a camouflaged DualSense controller, Pulse 3D wireless headset and PlayStation 5 console, come on the back of the excellent DualSense Pro controller reveal and the impressive tech behind the PSVR 2. So I'm in the mood for more of what Sony does, but this Gray Camouflage Collection is a little out there.

I'm being a little harsh, because the design is really quite odd. But there are some nice touches that lift this above the usual camouflage designed controllers and headphones (yes, it's a trend), such as the way Sony has incorporated the tiny PlayStation logos into the patterns.

This collection is seen as 'contemporary' by Sony, but it really feels like a step back to the mid-noughties in terms of controller designs. After the forward looking curves and colours of the initial DualSense and PS5 design, including the excellent Cosmic Red DualSense controller, I'm expecting more from Sony than to rely on the staid old 'camouflage' patterns. Maybe it's a subtle troll of Microsoft's purchase of Activision and takeover of Call of Duty?

The PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

If you do want to buy the new PS5 Gray Camouflage Collection, and if you have a gaming problem, if no other controller can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can pick up this latest design (sorry, A-Team fans). Pre-orders are open from September 15 at the online PlayStation Store, the DualSense controller and PS5 Gray Camouflage covers will be on sale from October 14, while the Pulse 3D wireless headset in December.

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