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Every good photographer knows that getting a great photo doesn't just happen with the click of a camera. The little tweaks and enhancements you make during the editing process play an important role in producing an impressive image, and if you're aiming for near-perfection, it helps to use smart, seamless apps and software for your work – for our favourite, see our roundup of top photo editing software.

If you're looking for editing software that allows you to get creative and transform images from good to flawless, then The Luminar 4 Bundle is one option you should consider. This bundle comes with six pieces of software that incorporate elements of AI with different creative editing features. It also contains tutorials and eBook guides that will show you how these programs work.

Here's a breakdown of what the bundle contains:

01. Luminar 4: Windows & Mac ($89 value)

Photo editing

Enhance and adjust images with a single click (Image credit: Stack Assets)

If you'd rather not spend a lot of time tweaking a photo on an editing software, Luminar 4 works as a quicker alternative. With its supporting AI Accent feature, you can easily enhance and adjust images with a single click. Luminar 4 also has a minimalist interface that removes clutter, making it easier for you to browse and enjoy photos. Its layers, brushes and masking help with selective editing, and you can apply Lookup Table (LUT) files for creative colour grading & film stock emulation. This software also supports RAW, JPEG, TIFF & other popular files, and it tailors your workflow to any style, which means that you can use Luminar 4 as a standalone application or as a plug-in to popular host applications. 

02. Luminar add-on pack: Amazing Planets ($49 value)

Photo editing

Transform your photos (Image credit: Stack Assets)

With this software, you can transform photos simply by placing a moon over the skyline or adding a planet to your landscape. The sky selection, masking and blending is automatically handled by AI technology, which makes it super easy to use.

03. Luminar add-on pack: Burst of Drama (a $25 value)

Photo editing

Over 25 dramatic sky options (Image credit: Stack Assets)

The Burst of Drama Ad-on pack in Luminar 4 comes with 25 dramatic sky options that will transform an ordinary view into a stunning image. You'll also get perpetual access to this software after one purchase.

04. Luminar add-on pack: Cinematic Bespoke ($15 value)

Photo editing

It contains signature presets (Image credit: Stack Assets)

The Cinematic Bespoke Ad-on pack contains signature presets by Hong Kong-based portrait photographer Justin Lim. The busy and vibrant urban scenes captured in these presets add a hint of complexity to portraits and lifestyle shots. These scenes also combine the beauty of strong contrasts in the city with the subtle fade of indie looks, and they're not only suitable for photos set in the city, but for a broad range contexts.

05. Luminar for Landscape video photography course ($49 value)

Photo editing

Create professional photos (Image credit: Stack Assets)

This course will show you the basic to advanced tools in Luminar and how to use them to edit landscape photography. Skilled Landscape Photographer David Johnston is on hand to help you master the simple techniques in Luminar that enable you to create professional landscape photos, the most effective way to use tools on the software and how it can be used to fine-tune specific parts of your landscape photos. You'll also discover the limitations of Luminar and what you can’t do with the software.

06. Mastering Photography eBook ($12 value)

Photo editing

A guide to your camera (Image credit: Stack Assets)

This eBook is basically a guide on how to use your digital camera. It contains lessons on a lot of important aspects of photography, such as how to move out of your camera's fully automatic exposure modes and take control of your camera's settings, use Programmed Auto, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes, and understand the role of aperture, shutter speed & ISO in obtaining the optimum exposure. It also teaches you how to use picture controls, learn about white balance, why the raw format is so much easier to use than the JPEG format, and so much more. 

The Luminar 4 Bundle is also available at a discount. You can get it at $59, or 75 per cent off the original sale price of $239.

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