Horrific Weetabix baked beans tweet prompts hilarious brand pile-on

You must have seen that Weetabix tweet by now. If not, and we're not sure we can get through the next sentence without heaving, we mean the one that features a bowl of the fibrous brown breakfast cereal covered in... baked beans. We've never seen anything quite so disgusting.

But the ingenious marketing strategy has got everyone talking. And we mean everyone. A truly hilarious Twitter thread has sprung up, with brands from KFC to the NHS offering up their opinion on the hideous combination. It's a showcase of how to use brand voice to engage and entertain, and we've certainly never seen so many brands get involved with a singular issue before. 

Check out the highlights below, and to make your own splash on social, make sure you choose the right social media platform for you.

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Other brands got in on the Photoshopping action.

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While others played on their heritage...

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Even the NHS weighed in with an expert opinion.

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Weetabix replied to some of the sass...

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And BMW took the opportunity to make fun of itself.

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We especially enjoyed rival brands coming together to fight this monstrosity...

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And the public had some opinions, too.

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Head over to the original thread to explore the wealth of responses to Weetabix's post, which shows levels of camaraderie wholly at odds with Intel's approach to advertising last week. Missed it? Catch up on how Intel attacked Apple in its latest ad campaign (it backfired spectacularly).

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Georgia Coggan

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