Intel's attack on Apple backfires spectacularly

In case you haven't noticed, a rivalry has begun between two tech giants: Intel and Apple. The two have been firm partners since 2005, but Apple began untangling itself from Intel when it began production of machines containing a self-made silicon chip last year. With rumours of Apple going totally self-sufficient as soon as March this year, we've been waiting to see how Intel would react. 

So far, responses have been limited to rumours of Intel stepping up the capability of its own processors. But Intel has just changed the game with an advertising campaign designed to go straight for the jugular.

'Go PC' is a series of ads running on Twitter and across the internet, which directly challenge the function of Apple's Mac line, mocking them for the things they're unable to do – and, of course, pushing a PC as the better option (both types of processors power the machines in our best laptops for graphic design guide, FYI). It's a pretty bold move, which shows Intel is seemingly up for the battle against a rival chip that's already being praised for changing the game. 

Intel's ads

Intel's two mocking adverts (Image credit: Intel)

It's a big statement from Intel to go so hard on this messaging, but is it a gamble that's paid off? If responses on Twitter are anything to go by, it may have backfired somewhat, with overwhelmingly derisive comments flooding in regarding the capability of the Intel processor. There's even celebration that Intel no longer has the monopoly over the processor market (the comparison to Nokia seems especially apt). 

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But there are those on Intel's side, too.

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You can explore more of the responses over on Intel's Twitter thread (opens in new tab)

Intel has also enlisted the help of well-known YouTuber Jon Rettinger (opens in new tab) to join the (so-called) brand bashing. He presents a video (below) in which he discards a MacBook and recommends an Intel computer for your next purchase.

We love to see brands go head to head in their advertising, so we hope Apple comes up with a similarly cutting response, at least in the form of a decent social media battle to get our teeth into. Remember when Evian took on Coors Light for copycat branding

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