7 reasons we're excited about the new iPad mini

5 of the new iPad mini models on a gradient background.
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It was not long ago when we were asking whether the iPad mini was soon to be discontinued, but on Tuesday evening at the 'California Streaming' Apple event we were introduced to the newest iPad mini model (If you missed the event, you can catch up on all you need to know on our recap.) 

The smallest of Apple's tablets is back and we are far from disappointed. Apple seemingly designed this iPad with creatives in mind, because it has (nearly) everything we could want. From new cameras, to longer lasting battery life, read on to see what is getting us so excited about the new iPad mini. 

If you're wondering how the iPad mini will compare to the previous iPads, take a look at our guide to all the iPad generations so far.

01. iPad mini's design 

A photo of a hand holding the iPad Mini.

We love the look of the new iPad mini.  (Image credit: Apple )

We love the new iPad Mini design because it's sleek, smart and compact. With an 8.3-inch retina display, the iPad mini is perfect for working or streaming on the go. Its touch ID button located on the top of the iPad means that no screen space is taken up by the home screen buttons like on the normal iPad. 

The iPad Mini will also come in 4 new colours, Space Grey, Pink, Purple and Starlight - which we absolutely love. With the flat edges and rounded corners, the iPad Mini looks very similar to the iPad Air but with the portability of the Mini. 

02. iPad mini's camera updates

A photo of the iPad Mini camera.

The 12mp camera is one of the most exciting new features on the iPad mini.  (Image credit: Apple)

Now we know the iPad cameras can be a bit hit or miss, but this iPad Mini is sporting a 12MP camera on both the front and back. Apple has said that the camera update is to support users during the rise in online meetings and classes, which we think will come in super handy in a post-Covid society. Apple were also kind enough to add the Centre Stage technology from the iPad Pro's to assist with online learning and work, so users will have far more flexibility and space for expression when it comes to FaceTiming. 

This tiny tablet will also have the ability to record videos in 4K, meaning that creatives can plan, shoot, edit and release high quality movies all in one place - how cool is that? Not to mention its new true tone flash that'll give your iPad photos a more accurate colour when it comes to editing. 

03. iPad mini will support the Apple Pencil 

The iPad Mini and the Apple Pencil Generation 2 being used.

iPad mini or sketchbook? (Image credit: Apple)

That's right creatives, you can now use the Apple Pencil Generation 2 with the iPad Mini. The Mini will sport a magnetic connector so you can charge and take your Apple Pencil with you where ever you go. Supporting the Gen 2 pencil transforms your iPad Mini into the ultimate sketchbook, being portable and powerful. 

05. iPad mini will have a USB-C Charging Port

A photo of an iPad Mini connected to a camera.

The USB-C port will be able to connect to a number of different products.  (Image credit: Apple)

The iPad Mini joins the family of Apple products that now use the USB-C charging cable, meaning that you can charge most of your products with one wire. Not only does the USB-C port mean faster charging, it also opens up a creative door as now users will have more flexibility when it comes to supporting third-party products, like cameras or drawing tablets. 

06. iPad mini's longer-lasting Battery

A photo of a man FaceTiming someone on the iPad Mini at a restaurant.

A longer lasting battery means users will have more flexibility when working or playing on the go.  (Image credit: Apple)

As a creative, it's common to be working on a project your iPad, have a number of apps running, lose track of time and suddenly your battery is on 5%. Well Apple heard our woes and extended the battery life of the iPad Mini so now it should last all day long. This is perfect for creatives who are on the move and don't have the time to constantly sit with their iPad on charge to work. It means that you can sketch on Procreate at the park, edit videos on Adobe Premiere Rush on the train or design on Photoshop in your favourite café without having to worry about the charge. 

07. iPadOS 15 on the iPad Mini

A photo of the homepage of an iPad Mini, showing the iPadOS software.

The iPadOS 15 will feature widgets, multitasking and a live translator.  (Image credit: Apple)

With the new iPad comes the iPadOS 15 (releases on 20 Septemember) which will come with plenty new updates to enhance the iPad Mini experience to the max. The new software will come with a multitasking feature, meaning that you can stream, text and work all at the same time. It will also come with new and versatile widgets, so you can personalise your homepage. One of the coolest features arriving with iPadOS 15 is the translation tool that will allow users to translate live conversation. 

It's all very exciting stuff and we are pleased to see so many technological advancements that Apple have made to cater for us creatives. The iPad mini will be available to pre-order from 17 September and will be released on 24 September, but if you can't wait for the new ones to drop, then check out our best Apple deals today

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