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This giant new Nintendo Switch is utterly ridiculous

Giant Nintendo Switch
Only 650 per cent larger than a regular Switch (Image credit: Michael Pick)

If there's one thing the the latest generation of video games is known for, it's enormous hardware. From the PS5's huge (and hugely memed) shape to Microsoft's fridge-esque Xbox Series X, today's consoles are anything but small. The exception is, of course, the Nintendo Switch – or it least it was until this ridiculous mod came along.

An engineer has built a fully working Nintendo Switch that's 650 per cent larger than the original. At 70 inches wide and 30 inches tall, it isn't exactly ideal for taking on the bus – and that's before factoring in the 29.5kg weight. But hey – it has a 4k display. (Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals if you're looking for a console you can actually carry.)

Michael Pick's 70-inch Switch was built using a combination of wood and 3D printing material, and houses an actual docked Switch console inside the left Joy Con. Hilariously, both giant Joy-Cons actually work – although trying to play a game of Mario Kart with them probably wouldn't be dissimilar to playing a game of Twister.

So why build such a beast? Pick's project is all for a good cause – he's already donated the thing to his local children's hospital. "The hospital told me they intend to install the giant Switch in one of the play rooms for the kids to play games on," he told IGN. "They'll most likely be using separate Joy-Cons or Pro controllers, so using the Switch to play games on won't be a full-body workout."

The giant Switch is something of an about-turn for Pick, who often focusses on creating tiny versions of gadgets, such as the world's smallest MacBook Pro (above). And if you are waiting for a larger Switch, rumours suggest the so-called Switch Pro will feature a larger and sharper display than the original. Just don't expect 70 inches.

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