Yassification might be the funniest photo editing trend of 2021

Thanos being 'yassified'.
(Image credit: Marvel/Wikimedia Commons/Future)

Things we didn't expect to see today: Thanos in drag. Things we found entertaining today: Thanos in drag. Yep, you read that correctly, welcome to the world of 'yassification'.

A trend has been brewing on social media platforms over the last few days, called 'yassifying'. The trend sees unassuming photos of iconic figures and edits them to look like they have had a glamorous makeover, and the results are absolutely hysterical. From politicians to paintings, many famous people have been subjected to yassification, and people are arguing that the edits are turning everyone into gay icons. If you want to have a go at yassification, make sure you check out if you can get an Adobe Creative Cloud discount, to save on photo editing software.

A 'yassified' image of Daniel Kaluuya in the movie Get Out.

Get Out has never looked so glam (Image credit: YassifyBot)

It's not exactly clear where the yassifcation trend started, but a Twitter user called YassifyBot has spent the past few days supplying the internet with hilarious 'yassified' images. The account has already racked up over 78K followers, and some posts have reached over 14K likes, so it's safe to say it's popular. The term 'yassify' comes from the famous phrase 'Yas queen' which is closely associated with the LGBTQ+ community, and in particular, drag queens. Yassifying celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and queer culture, while also reflecting today's absurd beauty standards in a satirical way – it's the perfect storm. 

The brains behind the YassifyBot, Denver Adams, says they use FaceApp to "go in and apply all the craziest makeup and glamour edits". The edits smooth the skin, plumpen lips, add/alter hair and apply make-up to the person in the image, which leaves the subject looking cartoonishly done up. Adams says that "technology like this [like Photoshopping and airbrushing] has a creepy way of making it so uncannily realistic that it makes people uncomfortable. It’s making light of that problem". So it's a meme making a political statement, which makes us love it even more.

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man having been yassified.

Get it, Spidey (Image credit: Marvel/YassifyBot)

The yassification trend might end up being one of the most popular trends of 2021, (like these creative TikTok trends or the viral optical illusion ) and our Twitter feeds are absolutely filled with glam-makeovers. One Twitter user said, "the yassification craze is literally my favourite internet phenomenon ever", and another said, "this yassification sh*t has been the funniest sh*t I've seen in a while", and we totally agree. 

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We love this trend so much that we had to have a go ourselves. So we downloaded FaceApp and had a go at yassifying ourselves. As much as we found our yassifications hilarious, we can't help but feel slightly terrified by how easy and effective it is to completely change our look. While the yassifying is very amusing, it shows the reality of editing images and the extent that some are willing to go to fit into unrealistic beauty standards. 

Whether you find the yassification trend funny or not, you can admire how fast and popular a meme can get. If you want to yassify yourself, then check out our Apple Black Friday deals and treat yourself to the newest and flashiest iPad or iPhone to enhance your FaceApp experience. Or you could download Photoshop and airbrush your muses the manual way. 

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