You won't believe how real FIFA 22 looks on PS5 and Xbox Series X

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The upcoming edition of EA's FIFA series of games promises to look and feel much more realistic thanks to some incredible AI-driven motion technology. FIFA 22 has been developed using HyperMotion technology, a new technique that combines real-world input and machine learning to allow the game engine to generate massively more realistic simulations of ball control, player contact and ambient behaviour.

The development promises to change the game, as it were, for FIFA 22's aerial duels, making control of the ball more fluid and natural, while also increasing the realism of off-ball behaviour during matches. If you're hoping to get hold of Sony's latest to be able to experience all this, here's where to buy a PS5.


A screenshot from FIFA 22 (Image credit: EA)

So what did they do exactly? EA had 22 professional footballers wear Xsens MVN Link suits on the field in order to record their movements during every touch, tackle, sprint and duel. They captured a vast bank of real movement data – 8.7 million frames of footage – to help define how players move in the new game. 

The data was then used to create over 4,000 animations via a proprietary machine-learning algorithm that learns from the input data and creates new patterns of movement in real time. EA says the result is the “most realistic, fluid and responsive football experience,” yet.

For now, some fans remain sceptical about the hype. @StarLorde28 commended on Twitter: "I just wish for one year that they'd be like "here's all the things wrong last year that we fixed and added this year" instead of trying to sell it as "it looks more real this year!" @erwinmarlinm tweeted: "This trailer sucks. Too many "action" shots full of shakiness. No gameplay upgrades are shown whatsoever. Lots of shaky cinematics intercut with real-life training footage. A loud message with no substance."

What's also causing some controversy among fans is that, according to EA, the game will only be available with HyperMotion technology for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia due to the AI technology involved and the power needed to experience it. 

FIFA 22 is scheduled for release on 1 October 2021. It's available for pre-order now.

If you want to create realistic human figures yourself, see our article on Metahuman Creator.

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