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The hottest video game of 2021 is also the weirdest

Chair Simulator
Okay, then (Image credit: MSCHF)

Do you ever find yourself wishing there were more video games in which the player's sole objective is to sit down? Us neither – but as the name suggests, Chair Simulator is exactly that. And, unbelievably, it's currently the hottest game on Steam.

The free game is the latest "drop" from online mischief makers MSCHF, and is going down a storm on the gaming platform – right now, it's been streamed over 100,000 times. Who needs these Nintendo Switch deals when you sit in a virtual chair for free?

Dubbed "the most comprehensive chair simulator ever made" (we can believe that), Chair Simulator features 14 playable characters (including various YouTubers and Twitch streamers) and "over 100 iconic chairs from the interior design canon". These are procured from a "blue and yellow chair store” – clearly based on a certain Swedish furniture brand.

So, how do you beat the game? It seems you don't. Sitting for too long will result in death, at which point your only option is to restart the game. Perhaps there's an existential metaphor about the futility of life in there somewhere – or perhaps, knowing MSCHF, it's just meant to be daft. (This is the group behind Puff the Squeaky Chicken , so we're going to assume the latter.)

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If you fancy a sit down, you can download the game for free via Steam. And if you prefer your games to involve a little more movement, check out today's best games console deals below.

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