Pick of the Week

During my travels round the web this week, I discovered this short presentation for Nornickel. It is this kind of find that makes me fall in love with 3D all over again.

SO much skill and thought has gone into its creation and every time you watch it you will find something new.

The concept is pretty simple in itself but the execution is hugely complex.

It contains some great modelling, animation of the highest quality, various different visual effects (just look at the combination of particles, heatwave and liquid simulations) and simple, but hugely effective camera work.

The materials and lighting suit the piece perfectly too and the transition from animation to the final screen are timed just right.

If you hadn’t guessed I am very impressed with this piece. So much so that I think it is my favourite video of the year so far.

The level of detail in this animation is truly astounding. Watch it, and then watch it again!