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Pick of the Week

Many motion graphics pieces are fast paced, short and use the pacing, camera movement, saturated simple colour schemes and edits to give them impact. Most Intelligent, by N3, is a slightly different kind of animation. It is still fast paced but is all one long shot, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

The continual camera move may seem a bit old fashioned, especially to fans of Andrew Kramer’s After Effects presets, but it works perfectly here. It helps the flow of motion, guiding the viewer, so that the speed of the animation doesn’t make it unreadable.

Where Most Intelligent really stands out is the detail. No matter where you look there is something interesting going on. Elements building themselves, dust and particles flying around and hundreds of little animations all building toward the whole.

Everything has been skillfully assembled: the modelling and animation is top notch, the materials look great and the lighting and effects are superb. There are many lighting effects and glows added that really push the final result.

On top of all of this N3 has polished the render in post, adding subtle lens effects and carefully applied grading. Each segment of the animation has its own identity, although remains true to the rest of the ident.

All in all a wonderfully crafted piece of motionography.

Have a good week


About the author

Long-time 3D artist Rob Redman has been working in the field of VFX and motion graphics for over a decade. He is Technical Editor on 3D World magazine.