Scarily lifelike 3D street art rams home the dangers of driving

Toyota's campaign promotes the use of rearview cameras to avoid tragic accidents

Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic has added six scarily lifelike 3D street art paintings of children to the walls of the Q-Park Lepage car park in Brussels, to remind drivers to remain vigilant when reversing.

The concept for the new Toyota Protect what's behind you campaign came from ad agency Happiness Brussels, after research revealed that in the USA alone two children are killed and almost 50 are injured every week in accidents involving reversing cars.

At the entrance to the car park, drivers encounter this first installation, which features a real shopping trolley that drivers can collide with if not careful

Zacharevic strengthened the realism of his portraits by projecting real objects from the murals - a shopping trolley, a tricycle and a ball - so drivers can actually collide with the installations unless they take care.

Toyota's solution? Avoid these kind of tragic accidents by installing a simple rearview camera - depicted in one of the pieces by a little girl graffiti-ing the message “Protect what’s behind you”.