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20 Christmas gift ideas for typographers

Many people know a typography fanatic – a friend who knows their stem from their stroke and their apex from their joint. We have therefore compiled a list of potential presents that might delight or entertain the plethora of type lovers out there.

Some are whimsical, some allow you to delve into the history of type design, but all celebrate the beauty of the letterform in some way.

01. Bla print

Simple, bold and typographic, the Bla print by One Must Dash celebrates the small talk everyone enjoys with friends and colleagues. One for those that like their letters in bold, graphic abstracts, it is litho printed onto 200gsm archive paper.

02. Helvetica necklace

A laser-cut acrylic homage to the popular sans serif typeface, this necklace sits pretty on any neck. However, you had better check which side of the Helvetica fence your friend sits on, as Max Miedinger's creation has detractors as well as fans.

For typography lovers with an added leaning towards The Great British Bake Off, these Scrabble-style cookie cutters offer the perfect combination. We're not sure whether type perfectionists will be convinced by the baked results, but everyone is bound to have a bit of fun.

04. Period table of typefaces

Far more interesting than your school-day chemistry version, this poster displays arguably the best fonts of all time for the viewer to peruse, appreciate and debate. From the ubiquitous Helvetica at number one to News Gothic at 100, it gives a wonderful overview of fonts old and modern.

05. Illustrated C coffee mug

With a pleasing, hand-drawn letterform to brighten your day, this mug offers a daily caffeine and type fix all in one. A 'T' version is also available, so there's a letter-lover's mug for everyone, no matter what your hot tipple.

06. Kissing brackets typography print

This is one of the many art prints out there that celebrate minimalism and typography in one simple execution. Kissing Brackets by Philip Sheffield offers an alternative to the usual saccharine declarations of affection in a typographically inspired romantic image.

07. Letter Cushions

This present allows typography fans to scatter their appreciation of the craft across their living soft furnishings. Printed on white or gray cotton, buyers can choose the Stirling Shadow or the Red Juniper font to fashion their favourite letters.

08. Type bow-tie

A natty bow-tie to celebrate vintage fonts in all their glory, this design is inspired by elaborate lettering on vintage paper. Handmade from high-quality fabric, the pre-tied bow has a touch of the eccentric about it, perfect for a certain black-tie breed of type-fanatic.

09. Steam punk wallpaper

Plastering a passion for type across an entire wall might be a bit extreme, and this steam punk wallpaper is not for the faint-hearted. Its monochrome, industrial punch, however, will lend a new meaning to the term 'statement wall'.

10. Typography card holder

This card holder shows off a whimsical use of vintage letterforms, screen printed on PVC. A washbag and a pencil case complete the set of accessories for type lovers.

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