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20 Christmas gift ideas for typographers

11. Wooden ampersand

For those who appreciate the humble ampersand, this piece of wall art highlights its beauty against a background of laser-cut geometric design. The craft of laser engraving and laser-cut makes for a tactile and understated piece

12. Manchester skyline typography print

Celebrate the iconic skyline of a favourite city with this range 'Citography' posters. Each design recreates the cities' landmarks and street names through a mish-mash of clever lettering by SP Design. Available in various colours and for various cities, the posters can now also be personalised.

13. Hand lettering iPhone cover

Who can resist a bit of hand lettering? This iPhone case, reminiscent of hand-painted signage of old, shares an inspirational quote from the godfather of blue-sky dreaming, Walt Disney. Old-school type for the 21st century's communication device – a welcome match.

14. Typographic bicycle tote

The fashion company Goldsheid sells a large number of witty and unique typographic designs such as this tote. A huge variety of cleverly designed script complements a number of messages typography fans might want to wear on their shoulder.

15. T is for Toy Train

Delving into the world of art posters and vintage prints is always a treat, and these old postcard reproductions offer a nostalgic look at letter forms of yesteryear.

16. Lintotype font casting drawings

For someone passionate about typography, every little detail counts. These original pencil drawings from circa 1930 were used to cast the font, letter or typographic symbol at the time, and offer a wonderful up-close look at British industrial and typographic history.

17. Samsung Galaxy ants 'a'

This illustrated phone case by Amy O'Donnell features the letter 'a' made up of ants. It is a satisfyingly simple design, and nicely minimal and humorous for those who like their letters with a critter twist.

18. Papercut alphabet series

Paper artist Samaki's new alphabet series features a number of original paper cut artworks. Each object or animal representing a letter – from A for Angelfish to P for Peacock – is hand-cut from high-quality artist paper.

19. Ampersand pendant necklace

This ampersand typographic glass pendant is simple, yet carefully produced, with special attention paid to its graphic provenance. Handmade with original vintage graphics supplies, it is made from a Pantone colour chip in blue 312 and a Letraset ampersand in Goudy heavyface condensed.

20. Typography tote bag

A cut above the usual statement tote, this bag combines a vibrant orange with black typography. Designed and made by Jane Bernstein, the base features hand-printed large Helvetica numbers in grey on black cotton.

Bonus! Computer Arts Gift Subscription

What better way to stay in the know about the design industry than with a regular fix from Computer Arts magazine. A print and digital gift subscription gives you 13 print editions delivered to your door, as well as the option to devour the latest design content via your smartphone or tablet.

Words: Ana Richardson Taylor

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