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Font of the day: Voga

Free font: Voga

Here at Creative Bloq, we're big fans of typography and we're constantly on the hunt for new and exciting typefaces - especially free fonts. So, if you're in need of a font for your latest design or just like to keep a collection so you're prepared, we may be able to help out.

Every day, we're running 'Font of the day', where we'll be posting the best best free and paid-for fonts the web has to offer.

Voga by Charles Daoud

A regular contributor to our font of the day features, Charles Daoud has just released his new type design, Voga. He comments on Behance: "My aim was to create a very elegant and sexy typeface with some unique letterforms based on the principle of contrast – curves vs. strong straight lines, thin hairlines vs. thick stems and ball terminals vs. geometric serifs.

"These characteristics shape it into a glamourous display font primarily used for titles and large typography settings. Voga was inspired by iconic typefaces such as Bodoni and Didot."

Voga is available in three weights; regular, medium and bold. The medium version is available as a free download for personal and commercial use, and regular and bold can be purchased via MyFonts.

Free fonts: Voga

Free fonts: Voga

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