Greatest fonts countdown: 81 - Adelle

FontShop AG, the renowned type foundry, conducted a survey based on historical relevance, sales at, and aesthetic quality. With a few additions from the experts at Creative Bloq and Computer Arts magazine, the best fonts ever were selected for the new book, 100 Best Typefaces Ever.

Here we are counting down the 100 greatest fonts, but you can read interviews with some of the typefaces' creators, a brief history of type, the anatomy of a font, and much, much more in the book – find out how to get your copy in print or digital formats at the foot of this post.

But without further ado, here is the 81st best typeface…

81. Adelle

  • Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, 2010

Launched in 2006, TypeTogether has quickly established itself as one of Europe’s leading typeface foundries, thanks to the work of its co-founders: José Scaglione, graphic and typeface designer and lecturer in typography at the National University of Rosario and University of Buenos Aires; and Veronika Burian, award-winning type designer, whose career included a stint at the London offices of Dalton Maag.

Awarded gold in the Original Typeface category at the 2010 European Design Awards, Adelle is a slab serif typeface, that is especially legible making it perfectly suited for use in newspapers and magazines. Adelle is flexible, strong and subtle, while Adelle Sans is a more spirited take on traditional grotesque sans typefaces, making it ideal for branding, advertising and signage. This flexibility makes Adelle a true multi-purpose typeface.

The family is available in 14 different styles, ranging from light to heavy and comes with more than 1,100 characters per font including small caps, a broad range of ligatures and four sets of fractionals, figures, ordinals and other alternate characters.

As Adelle's size increases, the typeface begins to show-off its personality. Furthermore, recently the typeface has been updated for web and digital use, to improve rendering and cross-platform consistency. Eight styles have been adjusted so that they can be optimised for low-resolution rendering – giving the font better on-screen performance.

Robust, yet unobtrusive, Adelle is a true multi-purpose typeface, ideal for magazines and newspapers

Adelle is a bold, versatile typeface. What’s more, the OpenType Basic version of Adelle Bold and Bold Italic can be downloaded free of charge

The 100 Best Typefaces Ever

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