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Using CSS3 to whet the appetite

"The Emporium Pies website has one job: to make you want to eat more pie," Kyle Turman, interactive director at Foundry Collective asserts. And boy, is he telling the truth. The well-designed responsive site of the Dallas-based pie and coffee shop will make you hungry. Really hungry.

"Operations director Paul Wilkes captured some really excellent shots of the pies, and we prioritised them in the hierarchy of the design as much as possible," Turman goes on. "We thought it was important to let the pies speak for themselves, and not fill the site with a ton of rambling copy."

Check out the hover effects on the Pies page. It uses CSS 3D transforms combined with the backface-visibility property on the images of the pies to reveal the name and more information about the dessert.

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 236.

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