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Grab your FREE Monday wallpaper by Marc Aspinall

Happy Monday everyone! We're back again with another awesome freebie to put a smile on your face. Yes, once again, we've teamed up with a brilliant designer to bring you this week's freebie for your iPhone, iPad and desktop.

Marc Aspinall

Marc Aspinall

Marc Aspinall

The Tree House Press is the alias of UK illustrator Marc Aspinall. Illustrator of charming, sophisticated lifestyle and concept driven work; with a clear nod to the styling of mid century illustration, drawing inspiration from film, comics and animation, peers and, of course, life outside of freelance illustration.

With clients including The New Yorker, Monocle Magazine and EasyJet Traveller, Marc has travelled the world over with his illustration work.

Aspinall on his illustration... "Simply put, animals crack me up. Their faces always make me smile; so unassuming and innocent (on the whole!). They're so universally liked, so why not follow that frequented path of the animal A-Z, and put my own spin on it?

I gave myself the exercise of tackling complex creatures

"I tried picking animals that might not instantly spring to mind and give myself the exercise of tackling these complex creatures, sometimes their forms can be bewildering and complex, other times nothing more than a ball of fur - all part of the appeal in my eyes. Hopefully my interpretations will crack a smile on the faces of those who see it!"

To download this cool wallpaper, simply follow the links below:

Download for iPhone (640 x 960)

Download for iPhone 5 (640 x 1136)

Download for iPad (2048 x 2048)

Download for desktop (1920 x 1080)

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